Simplify Your Business Today: As a financial advisor, your value with your best clients is in the relationship, not in the portfolios you've created for them. Unfortunately, many advisors spent way too much time creating and monitoring portfolios. There is so much information out there that often times advisors get caught up in information overload. The industry as a whole has overcomplicated investing. Investing for retirement doesn't have to be complicated, but it should be done right. We can help provide guidance.

Simply Put: Divvy Investments serves as your Chief Investment Officer. It is an online subscription based tool which will help simplify your business. Spend more time with prospects and clients, less time creating and monitoring portfolios.
We don't hold funds or ask you to link your accounts to us. We provide 5 index funds/ETF asset allocation models and send you alerts when they need to be rebalanced.

How it Works

When you sign up you will be provided 5 index fund/ETF investment models allocated in line with modern portfolio theory. You invest your clients funds in the appropriate model at your chosen custodian. When the models get out of balance you receive an email alert letting you know it is time to rebalance. From there you (or your administrator) execute a block trade for all clients in that particular model.

Our 3-pronged approach to adding value:

1. Help you determine how to implement based on best practices
2. Identify niche to drive growth in your practice
3. Give back- We sponsor your firm with a kids financial literacy program



Click step 1 to begin
Create an account.
Create a username and password.


Choose billing frequency.
You can choose quarterly billing at $349.99/quarter ($1399.96/year) or annual billing at $1199.99/year.


Receive alerts!
When any of the models become out of balance by +/- 5% of the targeted threshold window, you will receive an email alert letting you know it is time to rebalance.


  • Our mission is to help simplify retirement investing. We recommend asset allocation models and send alerts when the models need to be rebalanced.


  • Be passionate: about life, family, friends, and our awesome customers.
  • Evolve via education: learn something new and teach someone else.
  • Make Mama proud: do the right thing.

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